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U.F.O. Unidentified Floating Object.

A new way to live on the water...


A futuristic fiber glass floating structure, with a total surface of 314 sq.m and spanning twenty meters in diameter, the luxurious houseboat is coming straight out from another galaxy. 

U.F.O 2.0 is composed of a central shell divided into three different levels: the main living area (80 sq m) with kitchen, storage and bathroom; the sub level (50 sq m) with a seabed view bedroom and large bathroom with a 50 sq.m terrace as an upper deck/floor to control the vehicle.

The possibilities of usage and layouts are unlimited for this proposed model; the U.F.O 2.0 can be used for a number of purposes including hotel reception, gym or a floating restaurant. Furthermore, the external deck can be customized into garden platforms and teak can be installed instead of panels. A new way of living and holiday.





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