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A serene, slow-motion world, silent, eerie, mysterious ...

Explore parts of the world that many don’t get to see. A place where you can escape everyday technology and Zen out. An awesome way to meditate and chill up. Ediracle is offering the best diving trip across Asia.

Explore the Beauty of Diving With Ediracle.

Tioman Island
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Malaysia is blessed with some of the richest waters and warmest weather all year round. Islands surrounding Malaysia are renowned by divers all over the world as one of the best diving spots on the globe. Scuba diving in Malaysia is fantastic all year round but seasons do vary from location to location. Tioman Island is the biggest and the most popular island on the southeastern side of the Peninsular Malaysia. The island is especially known for its wonderful diving and snorkeling possibilities.

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Amazed by schools of sharks, undisturbed manta rays dancing around you, underwater caves covered by beautiful corals and gorgonians, or giant Napoleon fish....


In Maldives,  diving and swimming among hundreds of fish and corals in the beautiful crystalline waters is a must; doing it onboard of a comfortable cruising yacht is by far the best way to enjoy this underwater paradise getting the best out of it with the least effort. Ediracle will assist you through the best itineraries to reveal the best places at the right time of the year. 

In the Maldivian archipelago there are mainly two major seasons, the dry one and the wet one. During the dry season, from December to May, the sea is generally calm and the sky is crystal blue, while during the wet season, from June to November, there might be some rain along with strong wind and rough sea. As far as the dives are concerned it is very important to take into consideration the currents direction. The North-East monsoon pushes the plankton West, while the South-West monsoon towards East.

Therefore on one side of the atolls the water is full of plankton and opaque, but with the chance to meet manta rays, whale sharks and lots more; while the other side of the atoll is the perfect place to take amazing pictures of the placid and turquoise blue waters typical of the Maldives. For all these reasons, in order to have the chance to watch manta rays during the North-East monsoon, the best place is the West side of the atolls, while during the South-West monsoon the best is the East side.

In the Maldives the interrelations among currents, tides and monsoon winds are quite tangled; therefore a thorough knowledge of the natural environment is a must to enjoy in safety the dives in this wonderful paradise.

As far as the dives are concerned, the choice is immense, but it is important to know all factors such as the currents, tides, the best side of the atoll and the right dive site according to time of the year; that influence the quality of the dive itself.

Our professional Diving Team has a long experience and the necessary instruments to take you to the best spots of these enchanted places. Once you have your dive gear ready you just need to jump into the crystal clear waters in order to make your dreams come true. 

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